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Free Cake Order Form Template

Do you want to receive and process cake orders, payments and deliveries swiftly and with little or no hassles? Then use this Formplus online cake order form to connect with prospective clients and allow them to make orders and payments conveniently. You can embed this form in your website and you can easily share it on your organization's social media pages using the Formplus direct sharing buttons. With image option fields, you can add actual images of cake designs for clients to make a pick - right in your form.

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Free Cake Order Form Template template

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Custom Subdomain

You can share your cake order form via a custom URL that is secure and easy to remember. In the form’s custom subdomain, you can include the name of your organization as a means of advertising  your brand.

User Redirect

After a client places a successful order in your form, you can automatically redirect him or her to another form or page on your website. With user redirect, you can determine the next page or website a form respondent views after submitting an entry in your form. 

Simply provide the URL of the page or website you want to redirect form respondents to after they fill out your cake order form. The user redirect option is an easy way to advertise other products and services offered by your organization.

Form Calculations

With form calculation fields, you can carry out fully automated processes in your online cake order form. You can use these fields to calculate date ranges for product deliveries and to also process payments for cake orders; amongst other things.

Customizable Forms

With our numerous form customization options, you can modify the outlook of your cake order form to reflect your organization’s brand image. Formplus allows you to add your organization’s logo to your cake order form and you can also include preferred background images, change your form theme and background color. 

In the builder’s customization section, you can change your form font by choosing from available Google fonts. You do not need any knowledge of CSS to customize your cake order form; however, if you have knowledge of CSS, you can do more with Formplus form customization. 

Form Sharing and Embed

After creating your cake order form, you can embed it on your organization’s website to make it easily accessible to all. To do this, simply copy your form’s shortcode and paste it in your site’s HTML to display your form as an iframe or pop-up on your website.

Formplus also has multiple sharing options that allow you to share your cake order form with form respondents. Apart from using social media direct sharing buttons, you can also send out email invitations to form respondents or download and share your form’s QR code with clients. 

Intro and Post-submission Message

When creating your cake order form, you can include both intro and post-submission pages. In these pages, you can highlight a simple greeting or important information that the form respondents should see  before and after placing an order via your online cake order form.

In your intro page, you can hint at the information which the form respondents will be expected to provide as they place a cake order. In the form’s post submission page, you can leave a “thank you” note or any other information about the client’s cake order placement

Tips for Using the Cake Order Form Template


Are you looking for a versatile order form that can help you receive orders for your online business seamlessly? We have a variety of order form templates that can help you synchronize your sales process.

Our order forms allow your customers to place their orders and make payment for purchases instantly, through our integration with multiple payment gateways like Stripe, Paypal, etc.

With our easy-to-use drag-and-drop form builder, Formplus order form templates can be customized to fit your specifications. Our platform is safe and secure so you can be assured of the safety of your customer information when you use any of the templates.

What is an Order Form?

An order form can be likened to a shopping list of all the items a customer presents to a seller with the aim of buying. It is simply a document that records business transactions between a buyer and a seller. The use of an order form could vary from sales to procurement, inventory, or service order form. A buyer peruses the online site of the seller and drags or clicks on all the options they would like to include in their purchase.

On the other hand, a buyer also has the option of filling and sending an order form to a supplier indicating what they intend to buy. The seller or supplier receives the order form and accepts it. 

This now becomes a binding contract between both parties. With Formplus order forms, you can have your buyers or suppliers process payments for their goods via the order form, as our forms integrate seamlessly with payment gateways, that allow direct payment to your bank account.

How Do I Create an Order Form?

Creating an order form is easy with Formplus. The first step is to sign up and choose the most appropriate order form template. Use our code-free kanban style builder style to customize your order form. Set up your payment method using any of the payment options (Stripe, Paypal, etc), and voila, you can share your order form via QR codes, an email link, or by simply embedding the form on your website or online channel!

What is an Order Form in Commerce?

An order form is a document used by buyers to show their intent to purchase a product from a seller or supplier. It is usually used by organizations who need to buy a large number of products for whatever reason, sale or office use or gifting, etc.

What is an Order Form in Procurement?

An order form is a source document created by a business procure met department solely for placing an order with their suppliers specifies the number of items, specifications, and the agreed price for the products.


Formplus order form templates are easy to use and have the option of editing any of the templates to suit your unique requirements. Best of all, with our order forms, you can collect customer information and collect payments securely.

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