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Free Business Card Order Form Template

The business card order can be used by businesses and professionals to order their business cards online. Customers can fill out their contact details, business details website, upload their logo, select their preferred business card size, and so on. Allow clients order their business cards online with this business card order form.

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Free Business Card Order Form Template template

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The Business Card Order Form is a structured document designed to collect essential information from employees or team members who need to request new business cards. This form streamlines the process of ordering business cards, ensuring accuracy and consistency in the information provided.

Purpose of the Business Card Order Form

  • Efficient Ordering Process: The form facilitates a quick and straightforward process for employees to request new business cards.
  • Consistent Information: Ensures that all business cards follow a standardized format and contain accurate information.
  • Centralized Data: Gathers all necessary details in one place, making it easier for the company to manage business card orders.

How to Use the Business Card Order Form

  • Access the Form: Employees can access the Business Card Order Form through the company's intranet, shared drive, or via a provided link.
  • Fill out the Details: Complete the form by entering the required information in the designated fields.
  • Review and Submit: Review the provided information for accuracy and make any necessary adjustments. Once satisfied, submit the form.
  • Approval Process: Depending on the company's policies, the form may require approval from a supervisor or designated authority before processing the order.
  • Printing and Delivery: After approval, the company's printing or stationery department will process the order and arrange for delivery to the employee.

What is Included in the Business Card Order Form?

The Business Card Order Form typically includes the following fields:

  • Employee Information:
  • Full Name
  • Job Title
  • Department
  • Contact Number
  • Email Address
  • Business Card Details:
  • Design Choice (if applicable)
  • Quantity of Cards Needed
  • Preferred Card Orientation (Portrait or Landscape)
  • Contact Information to be displayed on the Card:
  • Office Address
  • Phone Number (Office and/or Mobile)
  • Email Address
  • Website (if applicable)
  • Social Media Handles (if desired)
  • Additional Notes or Instructions:
  • Any specific instructions or additional details related to the business card order?

How to create a Business Card Order Form Using the Formplus Template

  • Sign up or log in to Formplus.
  • Choose the "Business Card Order Form" template.
  • Customize the form fields for your requirements.
  • Modify field labels and descriptions.
  • Add validation and logic if needed.
  • Apply branding and design.
  • Preview and test the form.
  • Publish the form and share the link.
  • Collect and manage responses in Formplus.

Benefits of the Business Card Order Form

  • Time Efficiency: Simplifies the process of requesting business cards, saving time for both employees and the company's administrative staff.
  • Consistency: Ensures all business cards are formatted consistently, reflecting a unified brand image.
  • Accurate Information: Reduces the risk of errors in contact details, enhancing professionalism and communication.
  • Centralized Management: Gathers all business card requests in one place, making it easier for the company to track orders and manage printing.
  • Approval Mechanism: Incorporates an approval process to maintain control over business card distribution and expenses.


The Business Card Order Form is a valuable tool for businesses to streamline the process of acquiring new business cards for employees. When companies use this form, they can ensure consistency, accuracy, and efficiency in managing business card orders while maintaining a professional brand image across all employees' contact information.

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