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Free Bursary Application Form Template

This bursary application form template helps you manage your scholarship application data, store and collect online responses in a seamless manner. Embed this bursary application form template on your website or create a customised one to start calling for applicant interested in your school or organization scholarships.

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Free Bursary Application Form Template template



Form Customization

With the form customization options in the form builder, you can tweak the outlook of your bursary application form. Formplus allows you to change the background color of your form, add preferred background images and include your school's logo, among other things. 

If you have knowledge of CSS, you can do a lot more in the builder's customization section including stylizing your form and changing your form layout. The form customization options are very easy to use and they do not require any prior knowledge of programming.

Custom Subdomain

Formplus allows you to generate and share a unique URL containing the name of your organization, for your bursary form. Custom subdomains provide a more secure form experience for bursary applicants and they are also easy to remember; making them a great tool for organic brand promotions.

Analytics and Reports

Formplus provides insights into your bursary application form in terms of statistics relating to your form performance. In the form analytics dashboard, you can view important data such as the total number of submissions, the total number of form views and the average completion rate for your form.

You can also generate beautiful custom visual reports for your form data using the reports summary tool. Simply click on the form field you want to create a visual report to display the form data as a graph or chart.

Redirect After Submission

You can activate the user-redirect option for your bursary form in the form builder. Just as the name suggests, redirect after submission automatically takes form respondents to another page or form on your website once they make a successful submission in your form. 

This is a great way for you to share other important information on your web page with form respondents. To redirect users to another page after form submissions, simply add the valid URL of the redirect page in the form builder. 

Autoresponder Emails

Send out confirmation emails to form respondents immediately a successful submission is made in your bursary form. Confirmation emails facilitate communication between your organization and applicants as you can easily relay information about the bursary application process and other developments. 

Formplus also allows you to attach a copy of the submitted online consent form in your autoresponder email. Sending out autoresponder emails is a more professional means of communicating with form respondents and immediately confirming receipt of form submission.

Import and Export Data

Formplus allows you to seamlessly import and export data to and from the Formplus database. You can import form data from a CSV file and you can also export form responses to your Google spreadsheet or as a CSV, Word or PDF document. 

Import form data and use it to create forms that can skim through existing data or lookup other forms. You can also use this information to pre-fill your guest speaker form with already existing data using the prefill tool in the form builder.

Google Sheets Integration

Formplus is fully integrated with Google sheets; making it easier for you to share, edit and process form data. When new submissions are made in your bursary application form, your spreadsheet is immediately updated so that you can conveniently organize and process form responses without delay.

Google sheets integration allows you to automatically update form data in your Google spreadsheet without the need to import or export data. It makes it possible for you to keep your team up to date with your data gathering process.

Mobile-Friendly Forms

All Formplus forms have a user-responsive interface that intelligently adapts to the screen of any internet-enabled device. This means that bursary applicants can fill out your form from any device without having to pinch out or zoom in on your form. 

The form builder is also mobile-responsive which means you can create your bursary form and share it with your students from the comfort of your mobile device. You can add different form fields, customize your form's outlook and change background images without any special configurations.

File Uploads

Formplus allows you to receive unlimited file uploads in your bursary application form by adding file upload fields to your form. Form respondents can conveniently submit different file types of any size in your form including documents, images, and even MP3.

All received files are automatically saved in your preferred cloud storage; making it easier for you to organize them and share with form respondents. Formplus supports Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox cloud storage systems so that you can seamlessly receive, save and process form data as you wish. 

Form Fields

There are over 30 form fields available in the Formplus form builder which allow you to seamlessly collect information from bursary applicants. The form builder works with a drag-and-drop feature so that you can drag preferred fields from the builder's inputs section into your bursary application form. 

Formplus also allows you to modify form fields to be hidden or read-only depending on the data-gathering needs of your organization. You can also create a grid-like section in your form by adding the table field or placing form fields in a row.

Smart Forms

Formplus allows you to create smart forms with conditional logic and form lookup features. With the  conditional logic feature, you can hide or show form fields based on the responses already provided by the bursary applicant so that a form respondent only views relevant fields. 

You can split your bursary application form into multiple pages instead of displaying all form fields on one page. Formplus allows you to place form fields in as many pages as you wish - you can place similar fields on a page or even have one form field per page. 

Submission Deadline and Limits

You can also limit the number of submissions that can be made in your form, in the Formplus form builder. Formplus gives you absolute control over your data collection process by allowing you to specify a deadline for receiving new entries in your bursary application form.

Print Submissions

You can activate the print submissions option in your form to allow bursary applicants print out their form responses after a submission is made. This is important because it allows form respondents to have a copy of their form submissions for future references.

Embed forms and Multiple Sharing Options

With multiple sharing options, you can easily share your bursary application form with students and other prospective applicants. You can easily embed your bursary application form as an iframe or web pop-up in your organization's web page; by adding a shortcode to your website's HTML. 

Formplus also has social media direct sharing buttons which can be used to instantly share the bursary form on your school's social media pages. With the WordPress plugin, you can add your form to your website pages through a widget. 

Save and Resume, Partial Submissions

If your form has numerous fields or technical questions that cannot be filled out all at once, you can enable the save and resume feature. This way, form respondents can save their responses to be completed at a later date.

When a form respondent saves his or her form submission, a unique form URL is generated and shared via email, and this link can be used to access and complete the form when it is more convenient. Formplus also has the partial submissions option which allows you to capture the data already provided in an incomplete bursary form without waiting for its submission.  

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