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Free Blood Donation Form Template

This online blood donation form template helps you call for blood donors online without hassle. With this blood donation form, you can get blood history of donors and link them to patients who need urgent blood transfusion. This blood donation form is great for hospitals, blood banks, and non-governmental organizations. With Formplus Builder, you can embed this form on your hospital or NGO website to call for blood donors, or convert it to QR code where prospective donors can scan to register or share links on social media without stress! Sign up for free to use this blood donation form template or create a customised volunteer recruitment form with our simple drag and drop form builder.

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Free Blood Donation Form Template template



Submission Analytics

Get real-time statistics about your form responses ranging from the number of form responses to form respondents data. In the form analytics dashboard, you can view details about daily or weekly submissions, view the different locations of your form respondents and metrics on the number of total submissions. 

In addition, you can instantly generate a visual report of your form data analytics using the reports summary tool. All you have to do is choose your desired form field and immediately view the data as a graph or a chart.

Form Conditional Logic

Conditional Logic allows you to create an event smarter blood donation form by showing only relevant fields to the prospective blood donor. In other words, form logic hides or shows form fields and pages in line with the responses already provided by the respondent. 

For instance, you can use conditional logic to create a different form path for prospective donors with underlying health conditions so that you can find out more information about these. With conditional logic, you would limit form dropout rates and gather relevant and respondent-specific data.

Customizable Forms

Formplus provides a range of form customization options that enable you to change the overall appearance of your blood donation form as you please. From font colors to background images and adding your organization's logo to your form, the form customization options in the form builder allow you to tweak these easily. 

The best part is that you do not need any knowledge of CSS to change the appearance of your blood donor registration form. However, if you are a programming genius, you can do even more with our form customization features such as modifying pre-built form templates, changing your form layout and themes, and stylizing your blood bank donor form.

Secure Forms and Storage

Formplus supports multiple secure cloud storage options including Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. This means that you can easily organize submitted form responses and folders, and you can also receive file uploads directly in your cloud storage too. 

In addition, Formplus forms are 100% secure and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) enabled so that you do not need to worry about data breaches or losses. You can also add CAPTCHA to your blood donation form to keep out spams and fake information

E-Signature Fields for Consent

Add e-signature fields to your blood donor form to formalize the agreement between the prospective donor and your organization. The e-signature field is available in the form builder, together with 30 other dynamic form fields that help you collect different information from the form respondents. 

This field is responsive on any mobile device; including smartphones, and it allows you to collect digital signatures from all parties, directly in your blood donation form. All submitted signatures are saved as images in your preferred cloud storage and you can easily access them.

Form Sharing & Email Invitation

With form analytics, you can seamlessly match donors with the right patients by processing and categorizing all information provided. Formplus also provides multiple sharing options so that you can easily share your blood donor form as email invitations or embed it on your organization's website or social media pages.

Tips for Using the Free Blood Donation Form

Receive blood donations for your blood bank with this free blood donation form template. Start by modifying your form responses with the easy Formplus drag and drop editor. You can receive parental consent for minors or even ask basic questions in this form. Next, share this form via a QR Code, form link, social media, email invite or embed it directly on your website. Get notified when submissions are made by turning on email notifications. You can also send an autoresponder to acknowledge donations by modifying it from the form settings page.

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