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Free Bible Trivia Quiz Template

Want to set up an online bible quiz? Get started with this bible trivia template. Edit the questions and use form calculations to calculate and display test scores automatically. No technical knowledge is required!

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Free Bible Trivia Quiz Template template

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Bible Trivia Quiz Template

Bible trivia's are used to ask fun questions during bible study, Sunday school or children's bible classes. With this bible trivia template, you can ask interesting questions like; What is the longest name in the Bible?, What is the last word in the Bible?, What was the original language the Bible was written in?, How many brothers did Jesus have?, Who was the oldest man in the Bible? and many more.

Using document merge, you can source for hard bible questions and answers which will be automatically converted into a form in this template. You can also administer this trivia and its quizzes offline, online and to a large number of people at your local church. 

This template can also be converted into pdf format using the Formplus Pdf Builder

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