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Free Award Nomination Form Template

This awards nomination form template is perfect for anybody who runs a business organization, school, clubs, community group or corporation. Every member can nominate a colleague or co-worker by filling out and submitting this nomination form. Customize this nomination form template now

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Free Award Nomination Form Template template

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Track Geo-Location of Awards Nomination Form Respondents

The Formplus geo-location feature  allows you to determine the approximate physical location of your form respondents. 

The geolocation feature uses the Google Maps Web Services, with the form respondent's consent, to record the physical address of the respondent as of the time of completing the nomination form. This information is extremely useful for form response data analysis. 

Create Beautiful Award Nomination Forms

Go a step further with your award nomination form by adding preferred color themes, background images and your organization's logo to your form using the customization feature in the form builder. This feature enables you to create unique nomination forms that reflect your brand. 

With the form builder's customization feature, you can edit the award nomination form template to reflect your organization's unique preferences. You can also choose a unique font from over 100 available Google font options, change your form layout and add styling preferences.

Easy-to-use Drag and Drop Form Builder

The drag-and-drop form builder allows you to add over 30 form fields to your award nomination form in the Formplus builder. This enables you to create your award nomination form in minutes by simply selecting your preferred form fields or dragging them into your form.

Use the drag-and-drop feature to add the list award categories to your form; you can also add specialized fields for numerical responses, emails, dates, and signatures in your nomination form. You can also collect several nominations in the same form by adding section headers for different award categories to your form.

Email Confirmation and Invitation

You can use the email invitations to restrict form respondents to a single valid form response entry, that is, one entry per form respondent. It is useful especially when you need to eliminate the possibility of multiple award nominations by form respondents. 

You can customize your auto-response message to provide automated feedback to form respondents after they have successfully turned in their nominations.

Add Team Members To Review And Approve Nominations

We understand the importance of teamwork and collaboration; hence the Formplus builder allows you to involve your team members in your data collection and analysis processes. With this feature, you can add important form collaborators to a shared account and work on your nomination form responses together. 

In addition, you can assign specific roles to different form collaborators such as assigning them to process nominations in a particular award category. This feature also allows you to restrict access to form response data, track changes and grant form permissions.

Tips for Using the Award Nomination Form

Give your employees and team members recognition with this outstanding nomination form. You can also modify this sample for employee award nominations or even into a nomination form for elections.  Start by modifying the form questions to suit your preferred needs. You can also customize the form design with any of the preset themes or your custom CSS.

After designing, share this form via social media, a QR code, email, or form link. Review all nominations with members of your team by inviting them to collaborate on Formplus. You can save the responses you get on the secure Formplus storage or export them to a Google Sheet.

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