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Free Audition Form Template

If you are looking to collect important information from performers in an easier, faster way, the online Audition Form Template does it best for you. This simple form template allows you collect the necessary information quickly, clearly and reference easily. Basically, you will be able to collect Name, Email, Social Media ID, and all other details from a performer who is auditioning. Get started with an audition form today!

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Free Audition Form Template template

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Sharing on other communication channels is one click away

Yes, you saw it, one click away from sharing on Twitter, LinkedIn and one step away from embedding on your Facebook page as an iframe. It is also one click away from sending via email, only by adding the emails, uploading a CSV file or importing existing contacts. You can download the link to the audition form as a QR code and place it on accessible platforms including audition banners, posters or on your business card. The audition form can also be shared via SMS to start a conversation and allow performers make offline submissions.

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Create a professional audition form

Logos help to sell your brand, so connect better with respondents on your audition form by uploading your logo and place it at any corner on top of the audition form. You may also have a brand image that represents your organization or the audition. Use this image to customize the background of your online audition form. Add your organization’s name to the URL of your form to create brand recognition and promote trust in the performers.

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Embed Audition Form Link on your Website

Imagine having your Audition Form embedded directly into your website, so performers can easily fill it out while visiting your website. This is possible with Formplus. It takes nothing more than just copying the code snippet and putting in your site HTML.

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Say Welcome and Thank You with Post submission Pages

With Formplus, you can add an introductory page to your audition form. This way, you create a friendly atmosphere before performers submit and communicate instructions, terms, conditions or any other information performers should know before filling the online form. You can also customize a confirmation message that will be displayed to performers after they have filled and successfully submitted your form. Add images, formatting, or include links in your custom submission message.

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Delegate and add team members to the project

Use Formplus’ multi-user functionality to invite/add team members to the audition process, to eliminate oversights and errors. With teams, you can assign varying levels of access to different team members depending on departments. This way, individuals that are key to the audition process stay in the loop. Ensure smooth auditions with our online forms now!

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Receive live updates of responses through Google Doc Sheets

In place of manually updating spreadsheets with details of responses, Formplus’ Google Sheets integration has made it easier to automatically receive live updates of submissions. This allows you collaborate easily with your team members as you can share the document as soon as it created. All you have to do is connect your Google account to the online audition form and you are in.

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Live notification of form responses

Get email notifications of responses on the audition form as they are submitted. Formplus’ Email Notification feature allows you receive notifications upon individual responses or a daily, weekly or monthly summary of responses. You can receive notifications of submitted responses in a PDF file or a Microsoft Word file or send submission notifications of individual responses or analysis of the responses to other members of your team e.g Directors, Producers, Casting Directors, etc. Personalize the notification email by editing the subject and including details submitted by the performer. You can also include uploaded files, and send out a copy of the response to the performer.

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Tips for Using the Free Audition Form Template

Collect important information from performers during theatre, musical, acting, modeling, and other auditions with this sample template. Start by modifying the form to fit your specific needs. You can use the easy drag and drop editor on the form builder. Next, change the design to suit your desired style. Achieve this by playing around with the preset themes on the customize page or a custom CSS.

Set deadlines for your applications on the settings page to stop receiving submissions after the past date. Invite other judges to collaborate with you in assessing these applications directly on your Formplus account. You can also save the responses you get on this audition form with the Formplus secure storage or export them to your favorite tool with a 2-click Zapier integration. 

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