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Attendance Sheet Form Template

Use this attendance sheet template to monitor attendance in your classes, events, meetings etc. without stress. With Formplus builder, you can get your student or attendance sign-in for your events with ease. You can share your attendance form sheet links to attendees or even share a qr code they can scan in class to ensure absentees don’t register by proxy. With our fantastic geolocation feature, you can know where every form respondent filled your forms and monitor class manipulation. Other features useful for your attendance sheet template includes sheet integration, sharing features, lookup, customisation and payment integration amongst others.

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Attendance Sheet Form Template template



Private Forms and Subdomain

If you want to restrict access to your attendance form, you can make it private. When your form is private, you control who can view and fill out, and you can choose to share it with only a specific group of people.

Formplus allows you to create a custom link or subdomain for your attendance sheet. A custom subdomain is typically easy to remember and it can include your brand name; making it possible for this custom link to serve as a marketing tool for your organisation.

Customised Email Response

After a successful submission is made in your attendance form, you can notify the respondent by sending out an autoresponder email instantly. In your autoresponder message, you can include important information about your organization like the services rendered or other custom messages.

If you want the form respondents to have a copy of their responses, you can add a copy of the form submission as a PDF or Word attachment in your autoresponder email. This way, form respondents can easily access their form submissions whenever the need arises. 


If you want to capture the physical locations and addresses of persons filling out your form, you can use the Formplus geolocation feature. Geolocation works with Google Maps Web Services to identify the nearest approximate location of form respondents as they fill out your attendance form.

Form Sharing and Embed

Formplus has numerous form sharing options that makes it easy for you to connect with form respondents without delay. Formplus has social media direct sharing buttons which you can use to share your attendance sheet to your organization's social media pages. 

Formplus allows you to easily embed your attendance form directly into your organization's website by adding the form's shortcode to your site's HTML. In addition, you can use the Formplus WordPress plug-in to add your form to your website through a widget.

Analytics and Reporting

In the form analytics dashboard, you can view useful insights on your data collection process including the total number of attendees, weekly or daily submissions and other important form metrics. Formplus allows you to automatically analyse the data inputted in your attendance sheet template; without any form of coding. 

You can automatically generate custom visual reports for your form data using the reports summary tool available in Formplus. With just a few clicks, this tool instantly displays  selected form fields and form data as custom graphs and charts.

Teams and Collaboration

To make team collaboration even easier, Formplus allows you to add your team members to a shared account and work on forms, data and responses with them. This way, stakeholders can be fully involved in your data collection and analytics processes. 

As the administrator of the shared account, you can set permissions to grant or restrict access to forms and folders, and also assign roles to form collaborators. The shared account has an audit trail that allows you to track any changes and suggestions made to your forms, reports and folders.

Confirmation to Other Emails

In your attendance form for an event, you can require form respondents to provide the emails of referrals; that is, individuals who informed them about the event. Formplus allows you to automatically send email confirmations to these referrals immediately your attendance sheet template is filled out and submitted. 

You can include a copy of the form response in the confirmation email as a PDF or Docx attachment too. You can also personalise the emails by including custom messages such as a "Thank You" note or details about upcoming events

Offline Forms

Offline forms prevent any form of stalling that can be caused by a lack of internet connection or poor network access. Offline forms allow form respondents to access and fill out your attendance sheet template easily, even without an internet connection . 

With offline forms, you would improve on the completion rates for your attendance form, and this results in better data analysis and more accurate results. Responses provided in offline forms are automatically synced with our database when internet connection is restored

Google Sheets Integration

Formplus allows you to easily collaborate with your team members on form data and responses via Google sheets integration. With Google sheets integration, you can automatically update form responses in your spreadsheet without having to import or export data.

This way, it is easy to keep your team members and other stakeholders updated on form responses. You and your team can share, edit and organise form data in the spreadsheet all in real time . 

Intro and Post-Submission Messages

In your attendance sheet form template, you can add intro and post-submission pages. In these pages, you can highlight useful information including instructions that will prove useful to form respondents before and after they fill out your attendance sheet template. 

For instance, in your intro page, you can outline the instructions that form respondents must adhere to as they fill out your attendance sheet template. In the post-submission page, you may decide to leave a beautiful "Thank You" message for form respondents and you can also hint at other developments for your organisation. 

Lookup Field

You can make use of the form lookup field to reduce time spent on filling out your form. Form lookup scans through already-available information in your form database, identifies relevant information and auto-fills your attendance form with the relevant data.

This is a good way to swiftly gather attendee details for recurring processes like school classes and training programmes spanning several days. Information obtained via form lookup can be displayed as number fields, choice fields and text fields

Field Validation

Formplus allows you to prevent inaccurate submissions in your form with field validation. With field validation, you can immediately vet the data inputted in your form fields; making it possible for you to collect better information in your attendance sheet form template. 

Field validation works with different form fields including file upload fields, text fields and number fields. Once you specify the valid format for filling out data in these fields, an error message will immediately be displayed when anyone tries to submit erroneous data in these fields. 

Form Customisation

There are numerous form customization options available in the form builder which you can use to change the appearance of your attendance sheet form. With our form customization options, you can add your organisation’s logo to the attendance sheet, change the form font and add preferred background images to your form. 

You do not need any knowledge of CSS to make use of the form customization options in the form builder. However, if you do have knowledge of CSS, Formplus allows you to do more such as modifying your form layout, changing your form theme and stylizing your form.

Mobile-friendly Forms

Form respondents can easily fill out your attendance sheet template on their mobile devices without having to pinch out or zoom in on the form. This is because Formplus forms are user-responsive and can be viewed and filled out on any internet-enabled device. 

The form builder is also mobile-responsive which means that you can create your form on the go from the comfort of your smartphone. Right in your smartphone, you can drag and drop preferred fields from the form builder into your attendance sheet template.

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