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Abstract Submission Form Template

Abstract submission form allows authors to seamlessly submit their abstract. This abstract submission form template lets you collect important data like the author’s name, contact details, author’s degree, title of the abstract, and the full abstract itself. Make it easy for authors to submit their abstract with this form template.

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Tips For Using the Abstract Submission Form Template

An abstract is a brief summary of a research project, paper, or presentation that gives an overview of the research and its findings. In competitive research with many participants, reviewing abstracts allows you to select the best projects to award or publish.

However, the review and selection process is not easy. Manually sorting through abstracts, whether on paper or via email, can be a time-consuming process, especially with a large number of participants.

Abstract submission forms allow you to collect abstracts from authors easily and effectively filter through the responses to select the best.

Read this article to learn more about abstract forms and how to create them.

What Is an Abstract Submission Form?

An abstract submission form is a document that is used to collect and organize information about an abstract. It’s mostly used in academic and professional settings such as conferences, journals, and research.

Abstract submission forms allow you to quickly review and select abstracts. Instead of going through dozens of paper abstracts or endless email abstracts, you can simply go through your abstract submission form responses and select the best.

Abstract submission forms typically ask for basic information about the author and the abstract itself, This includes the author’s name and affiliations, abstract file, etc.

How to Create an Abstract Submission Form

  1. Select Formplus abstract submission template.
  2. Create a Formplus account or sign in if you have an account.
  3. Next, edit form questions and use the drag-and-drop builder to add fields, then save the form.
  4. After that, customize the form by changing its themes, adding the institution logo, etc.
  5. Choose your preferred submission settings, such as notifications, storage location, form privacy, etc.
  6. Choose how you want to share the form: website embed, QR code, social media, or emails.
  7. Monitor the form’s responses to quickly filter through submissions to pick the best research.

What to Avoid in Writing an Abstract?

Although most people write abstracts at the end of their projects, or reports. It’s one of the most important things in your submission. Here’s how to avoid common abstract pitfalls:

  • Unnecessary Details

Your abstract should not include too many details or background information; instead, it should be an executive summary of the research and results. Focus on the results, and conclusions you draw from the research, too much information in your abstract can overwhelm the reader.

  • Ambiguous Language

Sure, your abstract should be brief, but using vague words defeats the purpose of having one. The abstract is supposed to provide readers with a summary of what you did and the results; using ambiguous language reduces the likelihood of readers understanding you.

  • Technical Terms

Another thing to keep an eye out for in your abstract is the overuse of technical terms. The goal is to help readers understand your research not to overwhelm them with information they don’t understand.

  • Unsupported Claims

Your abstract should focus on the research findings rather than speculations. It should summarize your research and results for readers, so make sure it's accurate and includes reliable evidence from the research.


Abstract submission forms allow you to collect, review, and organize abstracts from research seamlessly. It's far more convenient than going through your emails to manually check form submissions.

Start collecting abstracts the easier way with Formplus abstract submission form template.

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