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Formplus for Education

Formplus is a fantastic tool for educationals!

Formplus is a simple web form building solution for education professionals and institutions across the world. Amission applications, Enrollment, Fundraising, Registration, and evaluation are some of those tasks that can be sorted with professional Formplus web forms!

Create your online forms for education with a few clicks and get your 10% education discount.



  • Online forms can be used for the entire enrollment and admission process. Embed application forms, scholarship forms and/or feedback forms on your school website so students, parents and guardians can fill them directly, improving your chances of receiving quality information.
  • You can also create branded online forms as they can be easily styled, customized and branded to represent your institution. As a very intuitive form builder, Formplus lets you create forms with or without coding skills.
  • The Formplus builder can be used to create a multi-page form with conditional logic in scholarship forms, feedback forms, registration forms, etc.
  • Data management is also made easy as captured responses can be viewed in Google Sheets, and by sharing this, you can collaborate better with colleagues.
  • With Formplus, you can create secure online forms designed to give complete data control to only authorized persons.
  • Take your pick from the education form templates or build yours with the simple builder.


  • Keep your office and emails clutter-free when you receive files of any size or type via online forms. These files are uploaded directly into your Google Drive, Dropbox or Formplus account.
  • Collect student papers, thesis or conduct quizzes using online forms which can be sent out via email or embedded in the school/Department website. You can use multiple choice fields, insert images, receive file uploads and set forms up to send out custom autoresponders.
  • Do you have an additional message/instructions for your students after submission? Take advantage of the Custom Submission Message feature so they can see your message upon submitting the form.
  • Set a submission deadline for your students when collecting assignments and project submissions.


  • Create beautiful and efficient research surveys in no time when you use versatile fields such as scales, ratings, dropdowns, and images.
  • Do you run a blog or website? With embedded online forms, you can easily collect data when you embed a form in your blog/website, even with no coding skills.
  • If you do have coding skills, the Formplus builder also gives you the option of customizing your forms even further with custom CSS
  • Form entries are is stored in your Google Drive account, Dropbox or in your Formplus database. You can also view form entries in the shape of custom charts, and export information to CSV or view in Google Sheets.
  • These forms can also be made to collect location data, so that online questionnaires and surveys have more wholesome results