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Stripe Integration in Formplus

Create quick online payment forms to help you receive funds faster with no hidden charges.

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Customers never have to leave your site to complete their payments using Stripe. Formplus makes it faster and easier to receive payments using Stripe payment forms. The payment fields are embedded directly on your form so they can make instant payments, without a redirect to another page to complete the transaction.

Add a Payment field to your online form, connect a Stripe account, and you’re ready to start receiving payments.

Steps to get started with Formplus and Stripe
  1. Sign up and create a payment form

    Sign up to Formplus and upgrade to any of our subscription plans to start creating functional payment forms. Using the intuitive form builder, add the Stripe payment field to create a Stripe payment forms, registrations forms, and booking forms with the responsive drag-and-drop form builder.

  2. Connect to Stripe

    Create a Stripe account and connect it to Formplus using your Stripe keys. Automate calculations on your forms using calculating fields. Test your form to be sure you set up your calculations properly.

  3. Receive Funds

    The Stripe integration takes out the stress of integrating a payment platform with your website from scratch. Stripe also makes it easy for your respondents to make payments as they can have various options such as Apple Pay, Ali Pay and so much.

Learn more about Formplus Stripe integration here.

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