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Paystack Payments

Receive payments quickly with the Formplus-Paystack integration.

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With Formplus, you can easily collect payments for goods and services online, without writing a single line of code or building a platform from scratch. The Paystack integration is safe, secure and perfect for Africans who want to receive payments from anyone, anywhere in the world.

The Formplus and Paystack payment processor is perfect for:

  • Calculating transaction total with calculating fields.
  • Receiving and monitoring payment notifications in your Formplus account.
  • Meeting PCI compliance standards for online payments.

You’ll need:

  1. A Paystack account
  2. A Formplus account

Steps to get started with Formplus and Paystack
  1. Create payment forms

    After signing up and upgrading to a paid plan, create mobile-friendly payment forms, registrations forms, and booking forms with the responsive drag-and-drop form builder.

  2. Connect to Paystack

    Sign up to Paystack and link your account to Formplus. Use calculating fields to automate calculations and test your form.

  3. Watch your money roll in

    The Paystack integration works seamlessly and takes out the stress of building a payment platform from scratch. Paystack also makes it easy for your respondents to make payments as they can also make direct transfers from their bank to your form.

Learn more about the Paystack integration.
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