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Flexible and Unlimited File uploads

Receive uploaded files in your cloud storage

Formplus forms can be fitted with file upload fields that allow you receive files of any size. Resumes, cover letters, photos, just name it, all these can be received using any of your online form templates, directly into your preferred cloud storage.

File Storage

The Formplus form builder is integrated with 3 robust cloud storage services: Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive. These integrations allow to send/receive file uploads directly in your cloud storage with online forms. You can take advantage of the free or paid plans on any of the cloud storage services, or take advantage of the free and unlimited Formplus cloud storage.

You can do these with your files:

  • Collect a variety of files of all types, sizes and formats: including PDF, GIF, images, music, documents and videos.
  • Rename received files according to specific form fields that can be used to rename files.
  • Easily segment and handle files collected via your forms with your preferred storage method.
  • If you enable email notifications on your form, you can view files as attachments to your notification email.

Are you ready to start managing all of your documents in a central database, simply add a File Upload field to a Formplus form or customize a File upload form template here

File Uploads