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Document Merge

Send beautifully designed documents with form submissions as attachments to emails.

Document Merge

Build professional-looking documents from form submissions with your own custom document templates. Save time and resources by automating documents like receipts, invoices, contracts and so much more.

Merge form data in documents seamlessly for use in:
  • HR Documents

    You can create offer letters, onboarding documents as well as other important HR documents.

  • Education

    Send out certificates, documents, fee receipts, etc. once students and staff fill out your forms.

  • Purchase & Sales Orders

    Complete purchase orders in minutes once a form is filled out.

  • Invoices & Receipts

    Issue out branded invoices and receipts for your organization, without manually sending out emails every time.

  • Contracts & Agreements

    Seal agreements by formatting contracts from details entered in forms.

Steps to start customizing documents with Document Merge:
  1. Create a form

    Start off with a form template or create a form from scratch using the intuitive drag and drop form builder. With Formplus, you can create forms to collect digital signatures, payments, repeating data and more.

  2. Upload document templates

    Download a sample template and customize it how you want. You can add images, logos, and even change the template font if you wish. When you’re done, upload the document template.

  3. Set up email notifications

    To attach your custom documents to emails, set up email notifications for that particular form. You can send out the attachments as PDF or Microsoft Word.

Learn more about Document Merge.

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