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Calculating Form Fields

Build online forms with calculations to process values and scores

Calculating Form

Formplus’ calculating form fields allow you to easily calculate the total values on your forms. No manual calculations, everything is automated over here!

This feature can be used to process payments on product order forms, event registrations, online bookings, expense reimbursements, online donation forms, as well as calculate date ranges for appointment bookings.

It is also very easy to use. You can start creating online forms with calculating fields in the following steps:

  • Sign up/ Sign in to Formplus
  • Create a form or edit a template from the form templates section of the builder.
  • You can add calculations to repeating data sections (table field), payments, date & time, choice options and ratings.
  • Add calculations to your preferred form fields from the left hand side of the builder.
  • Watch your responses come in as respondents submit their forms.

For a step-by-step guide, read this Formplus support article

Ready to start adding up values on your online forms? Use the calculating fields feature.