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Form building software that always works, every time

Whether you’re trying to create online forms with advanced branching, or collaborate with your team, do it easily with a robust form building platform that supports your favourite work tools.

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Build Forms Easily

Formplus allows you to create online forms without writing any code - simply click or drag and drop your desired form fields into the intuitive form builder.

Form Builder
Drag and Drop

Build powerful forms on any device - no coding knowledge required.

Mobile Forms

Create and manage responsive forms that can be accessed on any device

Form Fields

Formplus’ advanced form fields to improve your data collection process.

Multi-page Forms

Split your form into segments to improve user engagement.

Repeating Data Sections

Keep all your data organized in a grid format with columns and rows.

Conditional Logic

Show or hide form fields based on answers provided by respondents.

Calculating Form Fields

Automatically perform calculations and display results on your form.

Form Templates

Design beautiful forms from over 1000 prebuilt form templates.

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  • Customize Forms
  • Collect Data
  • Collaborate With Others
Form Builder

Stylize your forms according to your brand

  • Customize the perfect online forms with your logo, images and preferred brand colors.
  • Create Right-To-Left (RTL) forms with beautiful layouts and themes.
  • Display custom messages before and after a successful form submission.
  • Change the default messages on your forms using custom texts.
  • Add your company's name into every form link with custom subdomains.
Form Builder

Collect information right the first time, and everytime.

Form Builder

Stay in-formed and collaborate efficiently.

Share Forms Easily

Select from our wide range of sharing options how best you want to reach your respondents. Now your forms can be filled from anywhere, online and offline.

Form Builder
Custom Form Links

Create instantly recognizable short URLs with your brand name.

Short Form URL

Shorten your form links and make it easy for respondents to remember.

Embedded Forms

Embed your form into any website, without writing code from scratch.

WordPress Form Embed Plugin

Use the WordPress plugin to embed forms to your WordPress website.

Prepopulate Forms with URL

Save time and pre-populate your forms via URL.

Dynamic Autofill

Autofill forms with data to make it easy for your respondents to fill.

Offline Forms

Allow your respondents submit forms anywhere, even offline.

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Form Builder


Receive email notifications of submissions and send out a custom message to users upon successful form submission.

Email Invitation

Invite respondents to fill forms via email invitation and track successful submissions.

Autoresponder Emails

You can also send out confirmation emails to respondents upon submission.

Notify Teammates

Send automatic notifications to team mates whenever a form is submitted

Periodic Notifications

Receive email notifications of submissions based on your preferred schedule.

Document Merge

Create customized PDF and Word documents from form submissions.

Form Builder


Built with your growth in mind, Formplus payment features are built to help you get paid from anywhere around the world

Payment Processors

Integrated with the largest and most secure online payment processors - PayPal, Stripe, Flutterwave and Paystack.

Price Calculations

Automatically calculate prices and quantities for products and services.

PCI Compliance

Reduce the risk of fraud and accept payments securely

Recurring Subscriptions

With Stripe subscriptions, you can provide your customers with flexible billing options

Form Builder

Submissions & Analytics

Gain insights from forms and submissions with Analytics. View data such as unique form views, top devices, browsers and more.


Observe activities on your form, gain key insights on your business.


Organize your data into charts and reports in real-time.

Partial Submissions

Capture form data from incomplete submissions.

Response Filters

Create specialized reports of your submitted data.

Import/Export Data

Export data to Google Sheets, and as CSV and PDF.


Form Builder

Formplus forms are GDPR compliant and SSL enabled, making sure that all connections between your web browser and our servers are secure 100% of the time.

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