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Yellow Dandelion Workshops

Yellow Dandelion Workshops



Arts and Crafts/E-Commerce


United States of America

Use Case

Online order forms

The Journey with Formplus

Yellow Dandelion organizes exciting DIY home party workshops for people with an interest in Arts and Crafts. The business is run by Amanda and her 2 daughters, who are aged 9 and 13.

In August 2017, her elder daughter, Brooklyn who then was 12 years old, requested for a cell phone; however, she was told that she needed to earn enough money to buy one for herself. Brooklyn decided to create signs, sell them and also teach people to do the same. That was how the idea for Yellow Dandelion Workshops was born.

The Challenge

Before Amanda and Brooke made the decision to transition Yellow Dandelion into an actual business, they would organize workshops at client's locations; in the garage or basement or living room where they worked with raw wood. They were already getting client orders and needed a way to manage the entire process effectively.

“We needed to get their custom orders in through a tool that made upload option possible and when I looked, there weren't so many out there that were cost-effective”

Finding a Fix

Amanda says they didn’t really start anything they knew was not going to work. After discovering Formplus looking at the specifications and capabilities, they were sold on the fact that the forms allowed file uploads.

“I found Formplus and looked at the specifications, capabilities and the fact that it allowed file uploads. I played around for a bit, got it to work the way I wanted it to, and I knew that it was a great starting point.”


Yellow Dandelion recorded a 200% increase in orders within their first few months of using Formplus.

“We were able to grow from a hobby to an actual business. We have been able to complete over 1500 custom signs just between my daughter and I. That’s an average of 100 orders in a week, as opposed to the 5 we were struggling with.”

  • File Upload:Using file uploads, prospective clients can submit photos/rough sketches of what they need to get done
  • Responsive and Mobile-friendly Interface: Formplus is really easy to use and very user-friendly. For Amanda, she can easily create online forms with the specific criteria I am looking for. It has a very easy-to-use interface and that was definitely helpful. There was no learning curve for me.

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