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Polk State College Charter Schools

Polk State College Charter Schools


Polk State Lakeland Collegiate High School




Florida, USA

Use Case

Prospective Student Engagement.

The Journey with Formplus

Bringing in new students to campus is a great way to encourage enrollment. Prospective students tend to love a school if they can truly imagine themselves learning there. But if signing up and enrolment is tedious, then applications will face a decline. Polk State College Charter Schools have been Formplus customers since 2016, and have found Formplus web forms to be the most preferred solution for the admissions team.

The Challenge

“We were manually entering students into a spreadsheet once they completed a paper application. This means we had lots of paper stacks as we had to print paper applications for over 550 students enrolling in both schools.”

Polk State College is an educational institution that has been in existence for over 53 years. The charter high schools allow students fulfill diploma requirements while also earning college credits.

Instructional Technologist, Virginia Richard shares that the high schools needed to create an online school entrance application system. To be more specific, they needed a program that would allow uploads of files to upload forms.

“We needed a program that was very user-friendly and supported Google Docs and Google Spreadsheets.”

Finding a Fix

After researching a number of options and trying two other form builders, including Google Forms, Polk State Charter Schools turned to Formplus.

Since they began using Formplus, they have dramatically increased the ease and speed with which students are enrolled for Diploma programs.

“Using Formplus has decreased our time and cost ten times over: we have saved ourselves some paper and the cost of printing out paper applications. This also means that we can access data much quicker and documents can easily be uploaded for review before we accept students in our school. It is also 100% faster to obtain enrollment applications.”

Unlike the university's previous form builder, Formplus is able to solve their problems in the simplest way possible. Virginia says that the support for Google Docs and Google Spreadsheets is also huge plus as these were tools that the staff were already used to.


“I chose Formplus because it was very user-friendly and we liked the cost as we are a small charter school within a college and have a limited budget.”

On top of the online school applications, Polk State College Charter Schools use Formplus to seamlessly manage other processes, such as simple student surveys; simple teacher surveys; and student enrollment acceptance.

The features and integrations that are most beneficial to them include:

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