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Creating New Job Opportunities With Online Forms

The challenge

Career Consultants developed an in-house system through Google forms to collect and respond to questions sent in by its thousands of website visitors. But surprisingly, Google forms were very rigid with collaboration, making it difficult to share documents with people outside their organization.

The Solution

Integrate Formplus into their existing response system in order to ease collaboration, data management, and also improve efficiency.

The takeaway

Career Consultants can now collect data and share documents with various people. It has also become easier to collect, find, and remove individuals’ CVs in accordance with Data Protection laws.

Career Consultant



Recruiting/Human Resources Consultancy


The United Kingdom

Use Case

Online registration forms

How Career Consultants is helping people find their dream job with Formplus

For over 28 years, Career Consultants has led the way in providing job seekers with the resources needed to help them secure their dream job. They help to connect people with available job opportunities and get them ready for these roles through training and CV revamps. However, doing all these require keeping a lot of records, which is why they needed a tool to help them do that effectively.

Getting started with Formplus

The Career Consultants team had developed a new and innovative site with WordPress but their existing system wasn’t working perfectly with it. This was an issue that was making it difficult for them to help job seekers find a job. Therefore, Sarah Berry, the Director searched for a solution and Formplus seemed like a perfect one.

Sarah created an account for Career Consultants on Formplus and immediately realized that it was easy to use and solves their problem. “It was very quick and easy to set up. We wanted to create forms and receive CVs the same day which we were able to do.”, says Sarah.

After setting up their Formplus account, Career Consultants started creating forms that helped them easily collect CVs and other documents from their clients. “We use the software provided by Formplus for our clients to upload files and send information at the click of a button safely, quickly, and easily. It offers clients an instant upload facility and speeds up our response times,” says Sarah

Improvements and data management

Receiving thousands of responses since they started using Formplus, Career Consultants have been able to increase their reach and helped more job seekers gain employment. They have been able to improve their feedback time and communication with clients.

“Formplus has increased our reach and interactions with clients enabling us to respond and advise clients on next action steps quickly,” says Sarah.

Asides from interacting with clients, they have also been able to manage their client’s data better and automatically keep records of their form responses in the company’s shared cloud storage.

“Formplus was quickly integrated into the existing response system and also allowed us to keep a semi-permanent record of all documents sent through the Company’s shared Google drive. It also allowed us to find and remove individuals' CVs quickly, in accordance with Data Protection Laws,” says Sarah.

With GDPR-compliant forms, they were also able to protect their clients’ data and prevent them from third-party access.

Providing countless job opportunities

Boasting as the UK’s leading online Career Consultancy Company, Career Consultant has helped over a large number of people find new jobs, including clients from remote locations across the world. Besides having consultants that are specialists in their fields of work, Formplus has made it easier for them to offer clients a fast, efficient, and personal service

Career Consultants is completely satisfied with what they currently get from Formplus and is excited about sharing their success story with other businesses. “To be honest, as long as it continues to work with the existing website we are satisfied with it,” says Sarah

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