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B.E Naturale Demo
Staffing Agency

Be Naturale Demo Staffing Agency



Natural & Organic Retail


Minnesota, United States

Use Case

Post-event feedback and reports, Customer feedback, Product sales, and File Uploads.

The Journey with Formplus

Founded in 2012, B.E. Natural Demo Staffing Agency is a health and wellness brand talent agency operating across the United States of America. They help promote natural and organic products for companies who need a network of experienced brand ambassadors (with backgrounds ranging from foodies, nutritionists, estheticians, fitness instructors and all around health nuts).

Since inception, they have successfully executed 25,000+ in-store demo events and trade shows, as well as connected organic brands with well over a million health-conscious consumers.

The Challenge

“The major challenge was with keeping up with our database of reporting, brand ambassadors, and just keeping things trackable and simple.” - Brooke Ziegler, Founder and Natural Marketing Strategist at B.E Naturale

B.E Naturale had at least a hundred ambassadors working promotional events across the country each month. They needed to maintain a database for reporting and tracking the efforts of all brand ambassadors, in the simplest way possible.

Finding a Fix

One of their clients at the time recommended Formplus as a tool similar to Google Forms, but with a photo upload functionality.

“About 4 years ago, I was in L.A visiting a client and she said, ‘Have you heard about Formplus? You can upload photos to it’. She said it's similar to a Google Form but you can upload pictures to it and I was sold. So yes, our client found Formplus and introduced it to us.”

That's why I am so excited about Formplus because it is helping us in various capacities


“Formplus has simplified life for us at B.E Natural, particularly with being able to keep track of information and team reports.”

Here are some things they have been able to improve since they started using Formplus:

  • Sending Users a Copy of their Submissions: Brooke used to get emails all the time asking if I received report submissions. Now with Form autoresponders, she can tie those loose ends together.
  • Submit Another Response: This was really important for when their ambassadors need to submit multiple reports for different events. With Formplus, they can easily submit a new response after submitting the first one.
  • Form Analytics: Formplus form analytics helps to gather useful insights from online forms such as information on total form views, unique views, abandonment rate, conversion rate, among other things. The B.E Naturale team uses analytics to know what products sell the best at demos, which stores or reps sell the most, days that have the best demo results, etc.
  • Electronic Signatures: They can collect electronic signatures via online forms, and they like how easy it is for the signer to append a signature to a report. In Formplus, all you need to do to start receiving digital signatures, is to add a signature field to your online form.
  • Feature Improvements and Suggestions: As Formplus keeps improving and getting more enhanced, they get excited every time they read about a new Formplus feature being launched

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