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Perpetual CPA

Perpetual CPA



Public Accounting Practice


USA, Nationwide

Use Case

Client registration and Database Management

The Journey with Formplus

Perpetual CPA is a full-service digital accounting firm that provides Accounting, Tax, and Business advisory services for SMEs in and around the Portland region. Their operation is strictly cloud-based and they give access to clients to handle their accounts operation on the web.

The Managing Director, Paul Tiyalev, shared their processes and how Formplus is helping them work better and smarter.

“In 2018, we did an extensive research looking at various data collection tools and form vendors. Seeing that we provide most of our account services digitally, we needed a secure and convenient way to remotely collect client data. Formplus filled that need.”

The Challenge

Since they majorly provide the majority of their services to their clients on the internet, it is mandatory that they have a way of collecting client data remotely. They also need to give their clients an opportunity to see and handle their accounts in real time, without compromising security.

Finding a Fix

They carried out an extensive research for various data collection tools and form vendors, as well as trying out other data collection tools that were popular in the accounting industry. Then they found the Formplus form builder - which had all the features that they were looking for and they decided to give it a shot.


  • Ease of Creating Forms: Paul rated Formplus a 10 due to the ease and simplicity in creating and filling out the online forms
  • Efficient Support Team: The Formplus Support team is always available to listen to suggestions from the Perpetual CPA team, so that serving their clients can continue to be seamless. Every feature request is listened to and then implemented in due time
  • Table data input: Paul and his team use the fillable tables option in their online forms when computing client details. These tables can accommodate as little data as they need and as much as the client is willing to provide. Learn how they work here
  • Security: This was a major feature that drew the attention of Perpetual CPA to Formplus since the bulk of their work involves sensitive client data. A secure online form builder was paramount to them and Formplus was able to help them meet this need.

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