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Performance Equipment

Performance Equipment





Erie, Colorado

Use Case

Report Management

The Journey with Formplus

Noah Kriska is the IT Manager at Performance Equipment, and he discovered Formplus as an alternative to Google forms. Formplus’ ease of use and flexibility were a major plus for Noah. They soon discovered that they could integrate Formplus with their workflow as it allowed for easy creation for forms and data capture in user-friendly ways.

“In the summer of 2015, I was looking for a program that could record information from multiple people from anywhere on any device. Formplus was one of the top results on Google for a form program but was the only one of the top results to feature forms with document submission among other features.”

The Challenge

They had several mechanics working at various locations and all of these mechanics needed to fill out paperwork about the jobs that they were doing. As with problems of manual data entry, this process was time consuming, had a high error margin, and could be easily misinterpreted.

The Performance Equipment team had to find a way to understand what these Mechanics were trying to communicate with minimal confusion.

Finding a Fix

In 2016, Performance Equipment KleenMark decided to create a Formplus form to manage team reports. Since then, they have gone to create dozens of forms and have received nearly 10,000 entries via forms. This has saved them a lot of time and effort and eliminated thousands of paperwork and back-and-forth emails.

“We primarily use Formplus to collect information from our mechanics about the jobs and tasks that they have been doing.

After some time, Formplus became a useful tool for our salesmen and rental representatives as well. They are able to use a custom form to keep track of phone calls from customers, clients, and just about anybody. The mobile support that Formplus has, allows them to use their phones to record that information directly after a call.”

Using Formplus led to the removal of several steps in their workflow, including translating paper writing to digital writing. They saved a lot of time and energy and then directed this to other important tasks.


“When you save time on one task, it makes it much easier to catch up on all other tasks. Our mechanics are able to save time by filling out the forms quickly from a mobile device on the job site. No need to find a spot to pull over to write on a flat, smooth surface.”

Formplus helped to solve the issue of unorganized data collection as the team previously collected data solely by paper. This could get lost, crumpled, or get stained with oil, grease and dirt.

Back in the office, multiple people can look at collected data at once (thanks to the native Google Sheets integration), and there is no need to copy a report since everyone can have access to the data all at once. Reports are easy to read, can be accessed from multiple devices, are easy to share with other Google users, and easy to find any of the data collected. Formplus helps to bring it all together.

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