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Online trip planner website


USA West Coast, Europe and India

Use Case

Vendor Management.

The Journey with Formplus

Inspirock is an online trip planner website that helps to make trip planning easier. As travelers, they were frustrated by the lack of technical innovation in the travel industry, and decided to do something about it and that is how Inspirock was born.

The Challenge

“I was planning to run a large-scale email outreach campaign and needed an efficient way to collect data from respondents.

I chose Formplus because it enables respondents to upload media and delivers great value at its price point”.

This is from the Client Relationships Director, Steve Effron. Prior to using Formplus, campaign respondents were used to emailing their data back and forth. This data would be manually entered into a spreadsheet. Inspirock team did a cost calculation, and realised that they were spending way too much time (and money) doing this and went on to search for Online form builders.

Finding a Fix

What started out as a simple search on Google for form software, evolved into a form builder features comparison. They went on to select Formplus, seeing that it served as a data collection tool.

The travel website has since then gone on to bring in creative innovations to the online travel space. They manage data collection from the vendors, attractions and businesses listed on the website using online forms. The forms help them enhance their listings, improve their vantage point which in turn improves the quality of the site for travelers.


Formplus has helped the Inspirock team become much more productive than they imagined. Here are some of those ways:

  1. Improved response rate: The Inspirock team observed that some of their stakeholders prefer to be presented with the type of automated system that Formplus enables. Once they integrated it as their data collection software, their response rate went up.
  2. Seamless customisation : Every business, needs to put the mind vendors and customers at rest by providing them with a stamp of authenticity. Being able to include the Inspirock logo into their Formplus forms helps them achieve that goal. They are able to customize forms that are clean, easy-to-understand and businesses quick to fill out.
  3. File Uploads : They are able to easily receive photos and files from respondents i.e vendors, to showcase on the website. The files are collected directly in their cloud storage option, in this case, Google Drive.
  4. Google Drive support: When files are uploaded to the form, the links to the uploaded files in Google Drive can be viewed on the spreadsheet and this works perfectly for Steve and his team. With this, they can collaborate better and work smarter helping them focus on their business goals.
  5. Sheets Integration: The data received auto-populates a Google Sheet that they have been able to connect to Trello via Zapier. Steve can automatically generate to-do cards for the team members whose job it is to input received data. Trello also makes it easy to track the process from receiving data, its input and, the data going live on the site.
  6. Formplus Support: The support team is ready to go the extra mile to meet a user’s needs. Steve says that whenever he has a question, he receives a timely and detailed response! A great plus for Formplus.

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