We’re just going to say this now, it’s an Online Form Builder.

Whether it’s a team of many or just one, managing information can prove to be quite a daunting task seeing that data could come from many places and return to even more endpoints.

If you’re looking for a solution to help you manage information efficiently and productively, online forms will do just that. All you need is a versatile but simple to use online form builder and you will be able to accomplish your goals even more quickly.

Here’s a rundown of some advantages of using online forms:

  • Online forms are easy to use
  • They are easy to customise
  • Digital forms make your data collection process easier and more wholesome
  • It is good for the planet seeing that you are saving some (a lot of) trees.
  • They integrate well with other apps and so you find yourself cutting out a lot of repetitive processes.
  • Web forms easily help you generate leads

Now let’s delve into how you can conduct business using online forms.

Ways to Conduct business online with Online Forms

Use online forms to receive payments/orders

For most businesses (even Non-Profits), a large part of the market exists online and you need to be able to process orders, donations or payments in a way that is most convenient. Online forms can help you do that; with Formplus, you can create order forms to receive payment via Paypal. Seeing that this is an extremely popular platform, you can reach potential customers wherever they are, across the world.

Use online forms to deliver great user experience

Usually, people hate filling forms, whether it’s online or offline; with online forms, there are ways to convert the form filling process into a more memorable one. One way to do this, is to make the forms noticeably shorter and less complicated. This can be seen when a feedback form with form logic is shortened based on responses given.

Online forms can be used to streamline business processes

Just imagine you had to manually compute every entry received via paper forms; for a business with thousands of new entries per week, that means a lot of time will be spent on computing these entries into a database. With online forms, especially one that comes with third-party app integrations, that totally unproductive task is taking off as the online forms collect the data directly into a central database.

Formplus forms are natively integrated with Google sheets and Google Drive, so you have form submission data directly populated into a Google spreadsheet while uploaded files are stored in the form owner’s Google Drive account.

Online forms can be used for secure data collection

Web forms can be used to capture and keep form data very secure as there are known standards for sending and receiving information over the internet. Formplus forms are SSL enabled and this remains the standard for ensuring data being sent to a web server from a browser is encrypted.

The forms can also be CAPTCHA-enabled to keep out spammers and “bots”, keeping your form data wholesome.

Online forms can be easily customized

Being able to easily customize your communication materials, in this case a form is quite helpful as it shows that you are more in tune with your customer experience and the improvement. An online form builder lets you customize your form easily and this serves as the major advantage of using online form builders for the creation of forms.

Some Form Customization Options

In the Formplus builder, you can customize your online forms according to your exact specification e.g form width, background image size, button colours etc. There is so much you can do and it beats constantly tweaking your paper forms (and struggling to get it right), printing and then sending out to be filled.

There! That’s a not-so-long list of some business problems you can solve easily using online forms. Formplus has all these features and more so you can easily collect and manage data online.

Do you want to know how to use Formplus to conduct business online? Take a look at some of our features here.

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