This may just be our most exciting update this year! We are closing out 2018 with some of our most requested features - from Custom texts to being able to track form submissions.

Tracked Form Submissions

Thinking of how to track those who have filled in your form and those who haven’t filled it at a glance? We have introduced a new feature to help solve this. Now, you can send email invites to your respondents to submit a form and then track to see if they have submitted or not. Learn how this feature works here.

Multiple Autoresponder Emails

Sending emails to different recipients based upon answers submitted in your form is now possible in Formplus. Once a respondent puts in an email address other than theirs, e.g. A referee for a job application, you can send autoresponder emails to those recipients upon submission. 

In addition to sending confirmation emails to your respondent after a successful form submission, you can now also automatically send autoresponders to any other email or references they may have provided on the form. Learn how to use this feature here

Prefilled Forms

Pre-populated forms are finally in Formplus! Now you can autofill forms with specific values so your respondents don’t have to input repetitive data. This will help to save time and also improve accuracy when it comes to collecting data via forms, such as when Administrators need reports from team members. More details here.

Formplus URL Shortener

Seeing that the service is shutting down, we have introduced a URL shortening service to help keep form links tidy. Shortened form links will appear in this format -<shortid>. Sign in to try it now.

Customized Form URLs

Now you can create a customized link with your brand name, this will make your forms easy to remember by both members of your team and respondents. For example, this form “” opens to a Formplus form asking for user case studies. Sign in to try it.

Custom Texts

You can now change the default messages (such as error messages, form closed message, and more) on your forms to a message or language you will prefer. These messages can be changed on individual forms or across all forms. Learn more about using custom texts here.

Plan Names and Pricing Changes

We made changes to some of our plans - Pro is now Starter, Unlimited is now Professional, while Core remains Core. For new customers, we have also reviewed the price of the former Pro plan (now Starter) from $20/month to $25/month; with the annual discount, the price for the Starter plan has changed from $192/year to $240/year. For more details, visit the pricing page.

Nominations and Mentions

Please nominate Formplus as SaaS product of the year -

Formplus was also featured in Insights Success Magazine’s latest issue, read our feature here - Formplus: A Unique Platform Creating Forms to Collect and Manage Data.

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