Powerful tools to collect information rapidly.

Easy To Use Form Builder

Our easy to use form builder allows you to create powerful forms within minutes - simply click or drag and drop your desired form fields into the builder. Our form builder also works on mobile devices.

Save time. Select from a wide range of prebuilt form templates to ease your form building process.

Build Your First Form

Be Stylish With Your Forms

Don’t just send out basic forms, let your forms represent you. Create beautiful forms tailored to your brand using the various customisation options available.

Go even further and create forms in your language of choice.

Customise Your Form

Store Data In Your Cloud Storage

We are flexible. You can choose to store your received data in your cloud storage of choice (Google Drive and Dropbox available currently). The cloud storage support helps you easily fit in received data from your forms into your normal workflow.

You can optionally choose to store your received data in Formplus database

Responsive Forms For Mobile Devices

Formplus forms are designed to look and work great on all devices. Form(s) created are responsive and adaptable to the type of device they are being viewed on.

Create Responsive Forms

Flexible and Unlimited File Uploads

There are no limitations to the number, size, or type of files you can receive on your forms. You can choose to rename files received with a user input/form data for better file management.

Restrict the size and/or type of files that your form users can upload with our file vaidation options.

Start Receiving Files

Embed Forms On Your Website

With Formplus, you can easily embed your forms into any webpage as an iframe or pop-up.

Create Embeddable Form

Build Smart Forms With Logic

Personalize your user experience by using conditional logic to tailor your forms. Show or hide form fields based on answers provided by respondents, giving you short forms with better conversion rate.

Redirect your form users to another website or form after a successful form submission. Make a field required. Break long forms into multi-pages or even divide single page forms into different sections for an improved experience.

Add Logic to your Form

Secure Forms

All Formplus forms are SSL enabled, making sure that all connections between your web browser and our servers are secure 100% of the time. SSL remains the standard for ensuring data being sent to a web server from a browser is encrypted.

To add an extra layer of security in your forms, you can use CAPTCHA to keeps spam and bogus information from being submitted to your web forms.

Receive And Route Email Notifications

Receive email notifications of submissions based on your prefferred schedule, receive user submitted data in the email body and as a PDF/Word attachment. Route form data and submission notifications to other members of your team, once users complete your form.

With autoresponders, send out a custom message to users as a confirmation email upon successful form submission. You can also include a copy of their submitted responses in the confirmation email.

Offline Data Collection Beta

Increase your audience reach by collecting data even without internet access

Using conversational SMS, you can collect data on phones, tablets, and other devices. This allows you collect data in remote locations, or places without reliable internet connection. It can also serve as a backup to the standard online data collection form especially in cases where you have unreliable WiFi, such as large conferences and field surveys.

Receive SMS Submissions

Location Based Forms

With the user’s consent, the location feature allows you to determine the physical location of the person who is filling out your form. This feature uses Google Maps Web Services to pinpoint the nearest physical address

You can view locations individually or see where all responses are coming from at a glance on a map.

Create Location Enabled Forms

Save Forms And Continue Filling Later

Give your form users the opportunity o save partially filled forms and continue filling it at a more convenient time from any device or browser.

Create Resumable Forms

20 Field Types And Counting

Formplus has variety of field types to help you easy data collection. They range from text fields, number field, email field, file upload field, ratings field, matrix field, scale, date and time picker, checkboxes, dropdowns, radio buttons, image field, video field, and much more

All fields have various validation options to ensure you receive the right responses.

Check Out All Field Types