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Forms can be filled and distributed online and offline - Formplus is a flexible tool that helps you collect data from anyone, anywhere in the world, with or without internet access.

24/7 Support

We are happy to help! All our plans offer awesome support via email or live chat round the clock. We also love to receive feedback and suggestions from our users.

Unlimited File Uploads

Create forms with file upload fields to receive and store files of any size or type in your cloud storage. You can also restrict the size or type of files that can be uploaded.

Cloud Integration

Responses and files can be stored in your Google Drive or Dropbox accounts, so you don't have to pay for extra storage. Integrate this with your workflow and collaborate better with your team.

Conditional Logic

Allow your users to skip form questions based on previous answers, giving them a more fluid experience. Show/hide fields or conditionally require a field, thus letting users save time while filling a form.

Geolocation Forms

Easily get the location of where each submission on your form is coming from. With the help of Google Mapsweb services, you can also see where all form responses are coming from on a map at a glance.

Email Notifications

Set up notifications of submission(s) for yourself, your team or even your responders! You can also include files uploaded to your form as attachments in the email notification, and attach a PDF/Word document copy of form entries.

Customisable Forms

From your mind to reality, bring your forms to life by customizing it to suit your brand. Choose from our selection of ready to use themes, beautiful fonts, backgrounds, and colours.

Save & Continue Later

Allow users fill long forms faster when you allow them save partial responses to continue filling later. Upon partial submission, they will get a link that can be used to fill the form from any device.

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Share your form link via email, social media, or simply embed it on your website. You can also add respondents phone numbers to fill the form via SMS.

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Receive submission notifications and submitted data as PDF/DOC attachments. Store data in your cloud storage or on our servers.

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