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Looking for an alternative to Typeform? You’ve come to the right place!

Choosing the best form builder for your business comes down to three factors: Features, Pricing and Functionalities. Typeform already offers basic data collection features like form customization and online templates but it is quite pricey, so what could be better? An affordable data collection platform that empowers you to gather information seamlessly, just the way you love!

Here are a few things you can do with Formplus

Collect digital signatures as direct submissions in your form.

Collect payments from different parts of the world.

Create free PDF forms for online and offline use.

Enjoy access to over 1000 pre-built templates ready for use!

Stylize your forms, surveys, and quizzes with custom CSS.

Features Typeform Formplus
Collect Digital Signatures No Yes
24/7 Support No Yes
Offline Forms No Yes
Collect Social Media Direct Share No Yes
Online template No Yes
Document merge No Yes
Multi-Page Form No Yes
Free Plan No Yes
Conditional Logic Yes Yes
Form Customization Yes Yes
Mobile Responsive Form Yes Yes
Google Apps Integration Yes Yes
Form Analytics No Yes
Field Validation Yes Yes
Image as an Option Yes Yes
Team Collaboration No Yes
Custom Form Link Yes Yes
PDF Builder No Yes
Custom CSS No Yes
One Question at a Time Yes No
Secure Forms Yes Yes
Stripe Yes Yes
Zapier Yes Yes
Dropbox Yes Yes
Paypal Yes Yes



  • Basic
    Starting at $29 per month

  • Plus
    Starting at $59 per month

  • Business
    Starting at $99 per month


  • Free Plan
    Free Forever

  • Starter
    $25 per month or $20 per month, billed annually

  • Professional
    $45 per month or $36 per month, billed annually

  • Platinum
    $85 per month or $68 per month, billed annually

Formplus Pricing Table


Formplus offers three different pricing packages, with each one tailored to suit specific business needs. There is a free version you can enjoy on Formplus. However, there is no one-time payment option.

Free Plan Starter Plan Professional Plan Platinum Plan
$0 $25 $45 $85
$0 $20 /Month Billed $240 annually $36 /Month Billed $432 annually $68 /Month Billed $816 annually
Monthly Form Responses 50 1000 Unlimited Unlimited
Team Collaboration None None 1 team 2 teams
Users 1 Users 1 Users 3 Users 3 Users
Forms 3 a month Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Storage 100mb 20GB 50GB 100GB
Unlimited File Uploads/ Received files Yes Yes Yes Yes
Notifications Yes Yes Yes Yes
Emails invitations Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited mobile-responsive forms Yes Yes Yes
Conditional logic Yes Yes Yes
Confirmation Emails Yes Yes Yes
Payment Integrations Yes Yes Yes
Pre-populate Forms Yes Yes
Form Calculations Yes Yes
Form notifications in Word or PDF Formats Yes Yes
Audit Trails Yes Yes
White-labeled forms Yes Yes
Customised Form Links Yes Yes
Custom Subdomain Yes Yes
Private Forms Yes
Approvals Yes
Lookup Fields Yes

Typeform Pricing Table

Typeform has a free basic version. It also has two professional packages for different needs.

Basic Plus Business
$29 $59 $99
$25 /Month Billed $300 annually $50 /Month Billed $600 annually $83 /Month Billed $996 annually
Unlimited mobile-responsive forms Yes Yes Yes
Webhooks Yes Yes Yes
Answer Piping Yes Yes Yes
500+ Integration with Zapier Yes Yes Yes
Collect Payments Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited logic jumps Yes Yes Yes
Emails Notifications Yes Yes
Remove typeform branding Yes Yes
Custom subdomain Yes Yes
Custom link preview Yes Yes
Redirect on completion Yes Yes
Redirect from ending screen Yes Yes
Respondents notifications Yes Yes
Question insights Yes Yes
Google Analytics Yes Yes
Facebook pixel Yes Yes
Schedule close date Yes Yes
Response limit Yes Yes
Custom closed message Yes Yes

Short Video (Overview)

Major Feature

Collect Digital Signatures Collect Digital Signatures


You cannot directly collect digital signatures on Typeform.

This is restrictive when it comes to formal documents like incident report forms, maternity leave application forms, and consent forms.

In these cases, you need the respondent’s signature to validate the information, declaration or agreements they have filled in your form. It also validates approval requests.

To collect signatures with Typeform, you have to set up Zapier’s SignNow integration. Once a respondent completes and submits your form, Zapier automatically creates a custom signature request document and sends an email invitation to them. While this process gets the job done, it doesn’t create a seamless experience for form respondents.


Collecting digital signatures with Formplus is incredibly easy!

Formplus allows your respondents to append their signatures as they fill your forms directly.

Simply drag and drop the signature field in the form builder to receive e-signatures from your employees, clients, students, and the like. Formplus saves all signature submissions as image files in your preferred cloud storage, and you can access them whenever you want.

Offline Capabilities


Typeform does not have an offline mode, which means you cannot access or fill out any typeform without a stable internet connection.

This makes it impossible for you to collect data from respondents in remote areas and places with poor access to the internet.

If a person loses internet connection abruptly while filling your typeform, they can lose all the already-inputted information if they close the page.


Formplus allows you to collect data from respondents with poor or no internet connection.

Form respondents can view and submit your Formplus forms in offline mode when they are in remote or rural areas without access to the internet.

Wondering how this works? It’s simple. Once your form is fully loaded for offline use, respondents can fill and submit it without an internet connection. The form data is saved on the respondent’s device and automatically uploaded to the cloud storage when they have access to the internet.

Social Share and Image Card Feature


To gather more responses for your survey or poll, you might consider sharing it with your social media community.

Unlike Formplus, Typeform does not have any direct social media sharing options that allow you to share your form link on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

However, you can add social media icons to the bottom of your form after publishing—respondents can click on these icons to share your survey with their social media network after completing it.


Formplus also allows you to add social media icons directly to your form for third-party sharing.

Unlike Typeform, Formplus gives you better control over this process as you can choose the icons you want respondents to see on your form.

Both Formplus and Typeform enable you to generate compelling social image cards when sharing your form; however, this feature is only available in Typeform’s paid plan.

Document Merge Document Merge


Typeform doesn’t directly support document merge.

This is restrictive when it comes to formal documents like incident report forms, maternity leave application forms, and consent forms.


You can use the document merge feature in Formplus to directly customize new form responses to include your logo, your organization’s name, and any other essential data.

Document merge helps you to create new invoices, contracts and documents faster by utilizing the information you already have in your database. You can locate this feature on the Settings > Document Merge page of your form.

Pagination Pagination


The structure of Typeform does not allow you to break your form into multiple pages.

Typeform displays one question at a time, and while this has its advantages, it can affect the user experience when you have a lot of questions in your form.

This can also lead to high survey dropout rates.


With Formplus’s multi-page feature, you can break your surveys and forms into multiple pages and sections.

You can group similar questions on the same page or even place one question per page to improve your form’s appearance and overall user experience.

Custom CSS Custom CSS


Typeform has different form customization options to help you change the look and feel of your form.

However, you cannot stylize your form with custom CSS.


While you do not need knowledge of CSS to create beautiful Formplus forms, you can still stylize your layouts with CSS if you like.

CSS allows you to create unique modifications in your form, so they look exactly how you would love them to appear.

Payment Integration


Typeform only supports payments through Stripe.

And it is not available in the free plan.


Formplus supports multiple payment gateways:

  • Stripe,
  • Flutterwave,
  • Paystack, and
  • PayPal.

You can receive payments from more countries right in your form.

Wrapping Up

Whether you’re conducting market research or a simple online poll, you are sure to meet your data-gathering needs using the Formplus form builder.

Formplus offers different form features so that you can create powerful forms for various purposes. Formplus forms work offline, and you can customize them to meet your brand's unique needs in our drag-and-drop form builder.

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