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Formplus vs. Google Forms

What is the best alternative to Google forms ?

Introducing Formplus, a Google Forms alternative. Formplus is a robust alternative to Google Forms, with an easy to use online form builder and a variety of intuitive features that make data collection seamless.

Here’s how we compare with Google Forms:

Formplus Google Forms
Online Signatures + -
Sub-domain + -
Payment Processors + -
Captcha + -
Save and Resume Later + -
Conditional Logic + +
Mobile-Responsive Forms + +
Drag and Drop + +
CSS Customization + +
Field Validation + +
File Uploads + -
Facebook Tab Embed + -
Customized Themes + -
Google apps (Google Sheets and Drive Integration) + +
24/7 Support + -
Offline Forms + -
Dropbox Support + -
Form Analytics + +
Workflow + -
Approvals + -
Custom Integrations + -
Team Collaboration + -
Dynamic Filling/ Pre Filled Forms + -
Field Types >30 9
Custom Form Links + +
Image as options + -
Email notifications to Others + -
Send reponses as PDFs + -
Custom Branding + -
Calculating Form Fields + -
Look-up + -
Repeating Section + -
Geolocation + -

Don’t settle for Basic Google Forms, do more with your data collection method when you use Formplus online forms to collect data.

Why Formplus is a Better Alternative to Google Forms

Listed below are the key features that Formplus has over Google Forms.

  • lookup

    Formplus provides a Lookup Field feature which enables one form to "look up" data from another form. With the Formplus Lookup fields, you can dynamically populate field options and values with the data from submitted entries. You can also use them to perform calculations or display text in the new form.

  • Form Calculations

    With the Forms calculation feature provided by Formplus which sets it apart from Google Forms, you can solve your form's math problems with powerful calculations. Form calculations can be used to compute values in order forms, quizzes, surveys among other examples.

  • Repeating Sections

    This feature allows form owners create a grid-like section with a set of other form fields on their online forms and also provide their respondents with the option of adding more rows to the already set structure for the table when they fill out a form containing the table field. It enables you to add different other fields in each column and allows respondents to add repeating rows to the already set table structure.

  • Online Signatures

    With Formplus you can easily insert a field for collecting signatures online from your recipients on the formplus builder. Google forms doesn’t have a digital signature field.

  • Payment Integrations

    Google Forms do not offer payment integrations whereas you can accept payment with online forms made using Formplus. Formplus forms integrate with PayPal, Stripe, Paystack and Flutterwave to help you receive payments in over 150 currencies, and gather all the information you need from your respondents.

  • Save & Resume Later

    Having to fill in a long application form in one sitting must be hectic, but Save form progress and resume later? Formplus does that. If you were to create a Google Form, respondents would have to fill the forms completely because there is no feature that allows them to save form progress and then continue later.

  • Conditional Logic?

    Conditional logic lets you show or hide form fields with ease, based on how someone responds to other fields on the form. Even though both have this function, Formplus edges google out in this department because it has more granular logic. Google Forms has logic but it only lets you jump to a page based on an answer, it doesn't let you hide or show within a page, combine multiple rules/logic. Basically, it's almost like they don't have it

  • Multiple ways to share forms

    Formplus lets you share your forms via email invitation, social media, QR codes, or even better, embed the form on your website to gather leads in a way that is less cumbersome than Google forms.

  • Offline Forms

    With Formplus you can view and submit forms offline. The data will simply be stored on the device until the connection is restored, and then the offline submission will be sent automatically to the server. Offline forms can also act as a backup to the standard online forms especially in cases where you have unreliable WiFi, such as large conferences and field surveys.

  • Dropbox/Microsoft Onedrive Integration

    Store files received from your form with Formplus unlimited storage or in your preferred cloud storage option(Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox are currently available). With unlimited file uploads, you can submit files, photos, or videos via your online forms without any restriction to the size or number of files that can be uploaded. Google Forms only allows you store form data on Google Drive with a limited free plan of 15GB ascribed to your individual Gmail account.

  • Workflows & Approvals

    With Formplus, you can automate monotonous and repetitive tasks by creating digital workflows and adding approvals or review process to your forms so you and other members of your team can automatically review submissions. After reviewing the workflows, the team members can easily approve submissions. This helps you to save time and be more productive.

  • Geolocation

    With Formplus you can identify or estimate the real-world geographic location of people filing your form and the device used.

  • Team Collaboration

    Create different teams and Add multiple people to your teams so they can manage, review, and edit information on your company’s forms and received responses. Route information and notifications to the people and teams that need it by implementing workflows. Google Forms does not provide the ability to add permissions to team members.

  • Field Types

    On Formplus, you have a wide variety of field types which lets you collect different kinds of data. Create multi-purpose forms with the array of field type options available at your disposal.

  • Customized Form Links & Sub Domains

    To keep form URLs tidy and on-brand, Formplus allows users to create or auto-generate a shortened URL for forms created with Formplus. You can also include your brand name in your shortened links. This shortened form links can be used across a number of ways; helping to organize your communication materials, protect your brand and giving a friendly URL for your Formplus forms. To use Google Forms as a subdomain for a survey you have to pay for hosting. Formplus provides subdomains without extra cost to its premium users. The subdomains are used in URLs associated with your account, in links to your forms, and in your report links.

  • Email Notifications

    Google Forms, just like Formplus sends data in an email when users submit the form. Formplus sends notifications to the form owner, the respondent and lets you notify other members of your team once a submission is received. Also, Formplus provides Scheduled email notifications, Customised email notifications as well as send confirmation emails.

  • Send response as PDFs

    Formplus allows you to receive email notifications for submissions to your form. You can choose to receive notifications after each form submission, on a daily basis, on a weekly basis, or on a monthly basis. Also in the Formplus Responses setting you can customize the email notification message, including the user's response in the notification email sent, receive submissions as a PDF/Doc attachment in your emails as well as enable the option to display images on your attachments. Google forms fall short in this department.

  • Custom Branding

    On Formplus you can add your company's logo and associated images to your form, customize the buttons and change the default messages/labels, add custom CSS for advanced customization You can also leave a custom message for your users before and after filling in their details to your form making it truly reflect your brand. On google forms, you can\u2019t easily insert your company logo to the form.

  • Form Templates

    Online form templates give you a head start on your form building process and help you get the work done in little or no time. A number of form builders have pre-built templates to make the form building process a lot easier. A key highlight in the differences between Formplus and Google Forms is that while Google forms have less than 20 form templates, the latter has over 70 form templates.

  • CSS Customization

    Formplus lets you change the look and feel of your online survey by changing the colors used for various elements or apply the whole brand with full CSS control. Google forms don't have custom CSS. Use the CSS to customize the appearance of your forms with Form Builder.

  • Conditional Logic

    The Conditional logic feature on Formplus form builder is such that it lets you create forms that change based on input. You can configure fields to display or hide based on a user's response to other fields on a form. This allows you to tailor and finetune your forms to your users' specific needs. On Google Forms, the conditional logic feature is nonexistent.

How is Google Forms similar to Formplus?

Listed below are the key features that Formplus has over Google Forms.

  • Mobile-Responsive Forms

    Our form builder, similar to Google forms gives you fully mobile responsive web forms right out of the box, so you never have to leave a single user behind. The forms formplus provides responsive forms that automatically adjust their styles based on the size of the form user's display, making them usable on all device types: desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones.

  • Drag and Drop

    Easily create any form you can imagine with Formplus' powerful drag-and-drop form builder. With a simple drag and drop interface, you can create online forms in a few minutes. Build complex workflows, sell online, conduct surveys, and a lot more.

  • Google Sheets and Drive Integration

    Formplus gives you a seamless native Google Sheets integration, which gets submitted data from your forms live updated into spreadsheets automatically created for each form. With unlimited file uploads, users can submit files, photos, or videos via your online forms without any restriction to the size or number of files that can be uploaded.

  • Form Analytics

    With the Formplus Analytics, you can observe activities on your form, gain insight on how your form is being accessed. The Analytics dashboard reveals information like the total form views, unique views, abandonment rate, conversion rate, the average time it takes to complete a form, top devices, and the countries your form views are from. Also, on Formplus you can view analytics for each form as well as track where your links are being clicked from.

  • Pre-filled Forms/Dynamic Forms

    Form prefill in Formplus improves accuracy and saves time during the form filling process. You can create custom URLs for each respondent or send them Invite emails to complete the online form. Just like Prefilled forms, Formplus forms can be auto-filled with data from a spreadsheet.

  • Field Validation

    Formplus provides a file validation feature that determines whether any document files are missing from a file server and that data is entered into a field correctly. Form validation helps you to ensure that users fill out forms in the correct format, making sure that submitted data will work successfully with your applications. For example, you can set an option to require that users enter a value in a field Through file validation, you can search for and find document files on a file server.

  • File Upload

    Formplus has an unlimited file upload storage which when compared to 15GB free Gmail Drive is an absolute steal. Google Forms requires sign-in to upload files, that are not required in Formplus. With Formplus you never have to worry about storage. With file upload fields, your customers can upload their resumes, cover letters, photos, etc. You can also let your users upload files along with their form submission.

We needed a way to collect URLS and documents for our early submission events in advance of our conference. We were using Google forms to do the task, but by itself, it was clunky. Then we found Formplus which works with Google Sheets and we had our solution.

Tony Raymond, COTSA

More than just forms...

Formplus can be used to create contact forms, quizzes, order forms, donation forms, questionnaires, feedback surveys, event registration forms and so much more.