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Cognito Alternative: Why Choose Formplus

Cognito Forms is a useful form builder but it can be time-consuming to set up. If you're collecting large volumes of data, you need a form builder with more functionalities and features, and that's where Formplus comes in.

Formplus is an advanced form builder for online and offline data collection. It boasts of extremely powerful features like conditional logic, offline data collection, and several third party integrations to fit into your existing workflow.

Here are a few things you can do with Formplus

Generate custom graphs and charts for form data.

Access up to 100 GB of form storage data.

Collect form responses in offline mode

Access advanced form customization features without coding.

Easy to use form builder with interactive interface.

Features Comparison Cognito
Online Signature Yes Yes
Image as an Option No Yes
Google Apps Integration No Yes
Save and Resume Yes Yes
File Upload Yes Yes
Multi-page form Yes Yes
Form Templates 100+ 1000+
Conditional Logic Yes Yes
Payment Yes Yes
Offline Forms No Yes
Dropbox No Yes
Email Notification No Yes
Image as an Option No Yes
Drag and Drop interface Yes Yes
Google Analytics Tracking Yes Yes



  • Individual Plan
    Free Plan

  • Pro Plan
    Starting at $15 per month billed annually

  • Team Plan
    Starting at $35 per month billed annually

  • Enterprise Plan
    Starting at $99 per month billed annually


  • Free Plan
    Free Forever

  • Starter
    $25 per month or $20 per month, billed annually

  • Professional
    $45 per month or $36 per month, billed annually

  • Platinum
    $85 per month or $68 per month, billed annually

Formplus Pricing Table


Formplus offers three different pricing packages, with each one tailored to suit specific business needs. There is a free version you can enjoy on Formplus. However, there is no one-time payment option.

Free Plan Starter Plan Professional Plan Platinum Plan
$0 $25 $45 $85
$0 $20 /Month Billed $240 annually $36 /Month Billed $432 annually $68 /Month Billed $816 annually
Monthly Form Responses 50 1000 Unlimited Unlimited
Team Collaboration None None 1 team 2 teams
Users 1 Users 1 Users 3 Users 3 Users
Forms 3 a month Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Storage 100mb 20GB 50GB 100GB
Unlimited File Uploads/ Received files Yes Yes Yes Yes
Notifications Yes Yes Yes Yes
Emails invitations Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited mobile-responsive forms Yes Yes Yes
Conditional logic Yes Yes Yes
Confirmation Emails Yes Yes Yes
Payment Integrations Yes Yes Yes
Pre-populate Forms Yes Yes
Form Calculations Yes Yes
Form notifications in Word or PDF Formats Yes Yes
Audit Trails Yes Yes
White-labeled forms Yes Yes
Customised Form Links/Custom Subdomain Yes Yes
Stripe Integration Yes Yes
Document Merge Yes
Approvals Yes
Lookup Fields Yes

Cognito Pricing Table

Cognito offers three different pricing packages, with each one tailored to suit specific business needs. There is a free version and all the plans come with a 14-day free trial period. They do not offer a yearly saving plan but they offer a prepay option.

Free Plan Pro Plan Team Plan Enterprise Plan
$0 $15 $35 $99
Number of Users 1 2 5 20
Number of Form Entries 500 per month 2,000 per month 10,000 per month Unlimited
Payment Options 1 Users 1 Users 3 Users 3 Users
Storage 100mb 1GB 10GB 100GB
Unlimited Forms Yes Yes Yes Yes

Short Video (Overview)

Major Features

Online Templates


When it comes to building new forms and surveys, online templates give you a head start. It’s even better when these templates contain hypothetical questions that actually work for your own form.

Like Formplus, Cognito also has a template library. These templates are organized into random categories for surveys and quizzes, applications, customer service and registration forms, with real questions.

However, Formplus has a richer templates library compared to Cognito. All Cognito templates follow the same basic customization format, which is somewhat repetitive.


Formplus has created a rich template library with more than 1000 options for users. These templates are organised according to types and industries, which makes it easy to find one for your needs.

They also contain real questions for each data collection context and this means the templates are “ready-to-use”.

Each template comes with a brief description that gives you a clear idea of how they work. If you find any template you like, simply click on it and Formplus will add it to your builder. Here, you can add new fields, change the questions or tweak the overall appearance of your form.



Unlike Formplus, Cognito doesn't support the QR code feature, and this limits the number of sharing options for your form.

If you have added the form to your website, you can use the external JavaScript library to generate a QR code for your form.


As part of its multiple form sharing options, Formplus allows you to generate QR code for surveys, questionnaires and the like.

You can add this code to your website or print it out so that respondents only have to scan it to access and complete any form.



Unfortunately, Cognito does not allow you to customize your form URL directly. However, you can embed the form on your website and share the website URL instead.

Another option is to share the public link which already has the name of your organization and the title of the form. If you’d still like to customize your form URL, you need to check out other options like Formplus.


Apart from including the name of your organization in the URL, you can choose to add the names of specific offers or even the respondent’s name to your form. What’s more?

Formplus also allows you to tweak the structure of the url.

For instance, you can customize your link to instead of having a form link that starts with “”.

Offline Forms Offline Forms


Sometimes, form respondents have poor or no access to the internet, especially if you are conducting a survey in a remote area. This is the importance of having forms that can be accessible offline.

Sadly, Cognito Forms does not support offline usage.


Thankfully, all Formplus forms come with an offline feature.

This means form participants can fill and submit your form even when they have no internet connection. Any data submitted in offline mode is automatically updated to the Formplus servers whenever they have access to the internet.

Document Merge Image Card


You already know that sharing your forms on social media can boost conversion rates, especially if you’re conducting a poll, survey or questionnaire. But you know what can take your engagements over the roof? Adding a visually appealing image that matches the context of your form.

Although Cognito has a social media sharing option, it does not support the image card feature.


Formplus allows you to add beautiful images plus descriptions to your form links before sharing them on social media via the social media buttons.

Payment Integration


  • Stripe
  • Paypal
  • Square


Formplus supports multiple payment gateways:

  • Stripe,
  • Flutterwave,
  • Paystack, and
  • PayPal.

You can receive payments from more countries right in your form.

Wrapping Up

Looking for a more efficient way to collect and process large volumes of data? Sign up for a free Formplus account here, no credit cards required.

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